Beginning an Ending

So here it is, my first blog post ever. Boom. Insert cymbal crash here or whatever…. 

I’m going to start as I mean to go on, with some great music, so have a listen to this work of beauty by Norwegian saxophonist and composer Trygve Seim.

I was introduced to this by way of the featured trumpeter Arve Henriksen who I saw live in concert at the University of York a few years. Truly unique tone and a lyrical quality generally unheard of are just a few of his talents. anyway, enjoy! 


I am writing this three days after graduating from my Master’s course at the Royal Academy of Music, having finally left the realms of studenthood and beginning to finally feel grown up!

Its been a great last few weeks, with academy stuff winding and a pet project finally getting off the ground. We finished in style (and huge sound) with Symphonic Brass playing at the graduation ceremony, covering everything from medieval arrangements by Elgar Howarth to the most ridiculous arrangement of Bolero for 16 brass, percussion and organ. Here are some of the trumpets on the day!Image


In contrast to the epic finale of academy life, I’ve finally got together the first instalment of what hopefully will be one of my major projects from now on. 

As a brass player and arranger, and as a massive fan of rock and pretty much all other music, I’ve always wanted to combine the two sides of my musical psyche into a project.

Vigilante Brass is the name I’ve chosen to publish this work under, combining the soundworld and tradition of the brass quintet with a rock drumkit, and arrangements that hopefully showcase the supreme skill of some of my colleagues with some hard hitting epic themes. 

The first video is a cover of a Biffy Clyro tune from their new album Opposites, and is a bit of a slow burning ballad. We had a lot of fun recording and videoing this and i’m really chuffed with how things have turned out! Also have learnt a lot, so the next one should be even better! Still not sure what tune is next but my brain is full of the possibilities…

Anyway I’ll leave this here and get on with some practice. Till next time amigos…